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Party Pizza has been serving up super-sized pizzas to the Twin Cities Metro for over 20 years!  What started as a backyard experiment has now grown into a full-time business for owners Roger and Michelle Hammers.  Whether it's a corporate luncheon, birthday, graduation or even your wedding day, Party Pizza is always a hit with hungry party-goers!  

Our pizzas are built and baked on-site, at your party. Your friends and family will be amazed to see these giant creations come together right before their eyes! Not only are these pizzas incredible looking, they taste incredible too! We use our own secret recipe that gives our pizzas a tasty and distinctively crispy crust.  We offer a vast variety of combinations splitting each pizza into four sections where you can choose your favorite toppings or try one of our delicious specialty creations listed below.  We top each pizza with five pounds of mozzarella before we toss it into our one-of-a-kind oven that party guests can never seem to get enough of.  We can even take care of dessert by offering a freshly baked, three-foot chocolate chip cookie!  

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Our dedicated team of two people is dedicated, but small. Our service area is limited to what you see in the blue circle below.

We reserve the right to cancel any booking that we cannot handle logistically.

We are closed every Tuesday.